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Client Comments
About Tracy's career coaching:
"Thanks for your help in finding my perfect work."
B, back-to-work mom who launched her own business
"You supported me while I took the risk of changing professions. I did it! I am so much happier and very grateful to you for coaching me through that scary transition!"
R, made a successful career change
"Coaching helped me have the patience to wait for the right situation . . . It also helped me appreciate who I am and how I define and value my contributions as a husband, son and father."
J, found a good job in his field
"One of the biggest highlights of life coaching was having a forum to be me to the core and accept and celebrate who I am, to follow my core interests versus what I think others think I should pursue. . . You understand when to push farther and request more out of an individual."
R, designed a new career direction
"Best money I've ever spent."
S, stay-at-home mom doing a career and life assessment
"Tracy brings unique gifts to helping people navigate difficult life transitions. She has a deft and humane touch about life's challenges so that the mountains one is climbing don't seem quite as fearsome."
E, found a new position and later started her own consulting firm
"I feel heard."
G, taking on positive new challenges
"Meeting with Tracy on the telephone over these page six months has been an incredible process, very positive and immeasurably worthwhile!! I feel happy inside and can honestly say that I have not felt this level of contentment very often."
R, artist who opened her own business
"You are very easy to talk to, articulate and always aware of my strengths and areas where I needed improvement. The conversations in our sessions were always constructive and over time this helped me develop more confidence in myself as a candidate."
N, landed a new job
"I feel like our sessions are a kind of compass that points me back on track each time."
M, life assessment and design
About the Career Fit coaching webinar for soon-to-be and recent college graduates:
"This program helped me to understand and verbalize my career goals as well as taught me a lot about myself."
Career Fit participant 2015, rising college senior
"As a college senior, Career Fit gave me the tools I needed to bring to the job search process. It made me feel less overwhelmed and gave me a path to lead me in the right direction. I now have a plan that will help me figure out what I want to do after graduation."
Career Fit participant 2015, rising college senior
"This program helped me to deal with the first steps of starting to find a career path without getting overwhelmed. It was great to have such an open and accepting space to not only voice my thoughts and get feedback, but to also hear the journeys my peers are going through and to realize that we are not alone in our uncertainty."
Career Fit participant 2015, rising college senior
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